mangeshashrit.com is a personal web site of mine, Mangesh Ashrit. The views, opinions expressed here are made by me and are not supported by any Individual or Organization. mangeshashrit.com does not intend to hurt any sentiments, emotions of any group, people or what so over. If any such things are found, then kindly contact me & I shall do the needful. mangeshashrit.com does not take responsibility for the comments posted by a third party on the posts. All thought I shall try & see nothing inappropriate has been commented.

The pictures, videos, etc used in mangeshashrit.com are only for informative purpose & not for any commercial use. The source of these pictures, videos are mentioned at the end of the post where used. I  thank all those sources for their updates & information.

I reserve the rights for all the illustrations, designs, videos, etc. posted under the page “The Creative Godown” & use of any of these is strictly prohibited. Kindly respect one’s creativity & art work and lets avoid plagiarism. If you wish to use any of these designs for some purpose, then you may get in touch with me & we shall work on it.

The links given in the section “Useful Links” are also for an informative purpose. mangeshashrit.com does not take the responsibility for the content of those links.

And yes, Thank You for landing up here & reading this disclaimer. :D

- Mangesh Ashrit


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