A conversation with a Non-Indian Sachin Fan !

Last night I happened to have a chat with a Sachin Tendulkar fan on Twitter. Not just a Sachin fan, but a Non – Indian Sachin fan. Well there is nothing new about the fan base that Sachin has all over the world. There are lot many Non – Indians who respect him as a cricketer & as a sportsperson. But it was the very first time I interacted with such a person. So I thought of sharing this wonderful experience I had, with all of you.

It all started when the news came in that Sachin Tendulkar was nominated as a Rajya Sabha member. Many people on the social networking sites were voicing their opinions about Sachin`s decision of getting into politics. Some were positive, some were not. We shall not go into the details of that here.

So later at night a guy named Gavin Donnelly sent me a tweet. It read like “Sachin is the best. I love him in Ireland”. From here on we exchanged tweets for quite a some time & I found the amount of respect he has for Sachin. We later talked about IPL 5 season, sharing our favorite teams & all.

Now !! Why am I sharing this ? Because being an Indian, it feels ecstatic, it feels special, when a fellow Indian is praised so much by a Non – Indian person. And I wanted all of you to feel that as well. What more does one need now. And by the way, this is what I call India Shining ! Just imagine, one single person has done something for which, entire India & the Indians all over the world can be proud of “being Indian”.

I never thought that a person like Sachin Tendulkar could also have critics. But they say where there is a “Yes”, there is always a “No” associated with it. Everybody can’t agree/disagree on one single thing. So is the case when it comes Sachin. Unfortunately, there are many “Indians” who still don’t understand the credibility of Tendulkar even after 23 years of nation service.

Gavin Donnelly follows IPL 5 quite closely & also mentioned that he would visit India to view a couple of matches. Myself & Gavin might have chatted for about less than an hour or so. But within that duration, there was a bonding created. That is because of Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin has always united people of different religion, different states in India. But here he is been able to unite people of different nationality. Now I hope people would understand the effect that Sachin has created apart from the contribution to the game.

I can go on writing about Sachin & it might happen that this post may never get published. Because I might never end writing on Sachin Tendulkar. So lets cut it short & go the bottom line.  I am sure there are many people like Gavin around the world who have praises for Sachin. But in India, still many people don’t understand him. Lets all give Sachin, his deserving respect coz he has always put the nation ahead & has given us a reason to be proud of “being Indian”.

And whenever I hear criticism about Sachin, I just feel, “If a person of Sachin Tendulkar`s attire can get criticised, then anybody in this world can get criticised.”

Image Courtesy: ESPN Cricinfo (http://cricinfo.com)

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One thought on “A conversation with a Non-Indian Sachin Fan !

  1. Good, it gives pleasure and honor to share the thoughts of a non-Indian praising the Indian legacy; no doubt every good work has a criticism. Otherwise good work done has no effect. Sachin should concentrate in the Rajya Sabha to promote the sports not only cricket rather than indulging in politics. Cricket God will make justice to his nomination and shut the criticism and show the boundary lines to the criticizers.

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